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5 Tech Tools For Real Estate Pros

5 Tech Tools For Real Estate Pros (Click Here to Watch Other Great Real Estate Technology Video Blog from the Tickershow)

We all know its better to work smarter, not harder; so here's 5 tech tools for real estate pros that will help you out hustle the competition.

We all have systems. Whether you realize it or not you do. And it's your job to make sure that your systems are running as efficiently as possible.

These tools can make that happen.


Don't try and implement all these at once. It's important to evaluate your current systems, and see where you might have holes - then fill them.

1. First up, simplifying our phone and messaging systems. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen an agent or mortgage brokers card and they have 4+ numbers. Wouldn't it be much easier for your clients and your card printer to only have 1 number to worry about? One of the best solutions for this problem is Google Voice. Google lets you sign-up for a single phone number, and lets you round-robin between the numbers of your choosing. It gives you and your team one number to worry about, and helps to keep any prospects and clients from falling through the cracks. Google Voice also transcribes the voice mails into email or text message. Oh and did I mention... its FREE. And contrary to the video, it's free in the U.S. and Canada, not Mexico... oops.

2. Go Green! Come on everyone's doing it! Setting up a paperless system takes a lot of getting used to, there is no doubt about it. But, just like Pingles, once you pop the top, its hard to stop. The efficiency of a paperless system goes without question. Our two favorite apps for reducing paper with regard to your clients are DocuSign and Zosh. DocuSign makes it easier to get signatures from clients, especially on those deals where one of the parties is form out-of-town, or worse out of the state. And nothing says "Tech Savvy Agent" like having your client sign with their finger tips on your iPad with Zosh.

3. It may feel like you're the only one not blogging. I know the feeling. Blogging seems daunting, and it is tough sometimes to come up with content. But it doesn't have to be. You've been writing blog posts since your first day in the business, you just didn't know it. All the content you need is right there in your email inbox/outbox. Go to your email and find all the questions you've been answering lately for client, referral partners... your spouse - whoever. All you need to do is reference the question in the post, then answer it. From there, post market updates, local events, life lessons; then, before you know you're blogging. If you are a photographer or love video it gets even better (trust me).

4. There has been a lot of talk about the ROI of Social Media lately. I think this is an interesting question because I don't think people are investing their time properly to ask that question. Boost that ROI by systemizing those efforts. Take your Facebook friends or fans, and divide by 30. Now contact that many people everyday by commenting, liking their content or personal message. Go in alpha order to not lose track, and before you know it you've contacted everyone at least once. Also check out the tool HootSuite, it makes it easy to share content you encounter on the web for both Twitter and Facebook. Become a content curator for your followers with minimal effort.

5. Last, but not least Evernote. We have waxed eloquent about Evernote before, but it stand repeating. Evernote is a great application to help with listing appointments, walkthroughs and inspections... just to name a few things. Use Evernote to make notes on the file, and access them to anything with an internet connection.

Which system are you most likely to implement?

The real value of a system is that you use it regularly and it makes you're job easier. If you are having trouble out hustling your competition try one of these tools.

Next up, KW Cares and whats going on in Joplin. If you didn't see our show on Thursday, it's worth checking out. If you can help, please do.

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5 Tech Tools For Real Estate Pros
5 Tech Tools For Real Estate Pros (Click Here to Watch Other Great Real Estate Technology Video Blog from the Tickershow) We all know its better to work smarter, not harder; so here's 5 tech tools for real estate pros that will help… more